Backflow Services

Backflow in a fire sprinkler system can be a serious and expensive problem for property owners.

To ensure you remain in compliance and protected from backflow issues, you can turn to National Fire & Safety for inspection, testing, and reporting services.

Backflow Inspection

National Fire & Safety has certified inspectors with expertise on the following types of backflow systems:

  • Fire suppression system
  • Irrigation
  • Domestic

Your backflow prevention devices must be inspected on an annual basis. The EPA estimates that backflow problems occur in about five percent of residential properties with backflow systems, and in an even higher percentage of commercial properties.

Many of the risks posed by backflow systems can be mitigated by being proactive about inspections.

We conduct inspections and provide you and your local water authority with a comprehensive report on an annual basis. All devices that pass inspection will be visibly tagged to reflect their status as up to code.

To learn more about our backflow inspection services or to schedule an appointment, fill out the request a quote form or call 720-657-1221.

Backflow Testing

Many states and municipalities make annual testing and inspection of backflow preventers mandatory. Tests must be conducted by a licensed fire sprinkler inspector certified in backflow prevention testing.

After a licensed inspector has certified the health of your backflow system, it then must receive approval by the presiding water authority in your area.

During backflow testing, the inspector must verify that none of the stagnant, non-potable water in your fire sprinkler system is backing up into the potable water system in your building or structure.

Backflow issues are not only a threat to the safety of your community’s drinking water, they can be an expensive problem for the owner of the property with the faulty device.

Request a quote for backflow testing expertise that will help you ensure your system is working properly and you get ahead of any potential problems before they spiral out of control

Backflow Repair

Our certified team of fire sprinkler fitters can provide you with worry-free repair services for your backflow devices. Call us when you need repair work on a broken device or the replacement of a fire system or irrigation device.

Note: we do NOT provide replacement services for domestic devices.

Typically, customers schedule our inspection services first and any needed repairs are identified during the testing process. However, we’re also glad to serve you if you only need to request repair work.

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