Fire Sprinklers

National Fire and Safety is a fire sprinkler company specializing in fire sprinkler system design, installation, inspections, and repair services.

Our fire suppression systems are relied on to protect lives and property in commercial, industrial, and residential structures throughout the region. When you want uncompromising safety and top-of-the-line technology at competitive prices, we’re the company to call.

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Fire Sprinkler Repair Services

National Fire and Safety provides repair and maintenance services for fire sprinklers, fire pumps, and your entire fire suppression system.

Malfunctions are not acceptable when lives and properties are at stake. Contact us immediately to request a quote on a repair visit from our certified, highly trained technicians. We’ll respond quickly to get your fire sprinkler system back in working condition and return you to worry-free protection.

Unprotected metal sprinkler system pipes are susceptible to corrosion. If unchecked, that corrosion will erode piping until leaks and cracks are formed.

Through the use of Ultrasonic Testing, we are able to quickly pinpoint any leaks and vulnerabilities.

Our technicians are also experienced in repairing backflow preventers. We’ve got the solutions for all your fire sprinkler repair needs.

Fire Sprinkler System Installation

The National Fire and Safety team has the managerial and technical expertise to handle your fire sprinkler system installation project from start to finish.

Our project planning process includes, budgeting, feasibility planning, 3-D coordination, and Navisworks collision checking.

Thanks to our vast experience collaborating with architects, construction contractors, and building owners, we can guarantee you that we’ll deliver a fire system that is compliant and fully integrated with your property.

We are proud to also provide residential customers with the finest in fire sprinkler installation and design services. Our team works with contractors, homeowners, and apartment complex managers to ensure the safety and success of each project.

For residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional projects alike, we are able to utilize a full line of our custom fabrication services including welding, threading, roll groove, and cut groove.

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Fire Sprinkler Inspections

To keep your property safe and compliant, you need to conduct regular fire sprinkler inspections. Only a proper inspection and maintenance schedule can help you identify and solve problems before they become threats to safety.

In addition to repair and maintenance, National Fire and Safety offers annual in-depth inspection of sprinkler systems, extinguishers, fire pumps, backflows, alarms, and more.

Our inspection technicians use ScanSeries, a globally-trusted inspection software solution built by Building Reports. We use this web-based reporting system to log everything covered by the inspector, initiate and authorize necessary repairs to your equipment, and keep you educated on relevant codes and standards that affect your compliance.

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