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National Fire & Safety uses ScanSeries software, built by BuildingReports, to provide our customers with the highest level of inspection accuracy, safety, and accountability.

ScanSeries is the world’s leading inspection reporting solution. It offers a variety of features that help us keep your fire detection and suppression system in optimal condition at all times.

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Why Choose ScanSeries for Your Inspection?

ScanSeries simplifies all preparation, documentation, and follow-up work related to a property’s fire system inspection.

Using ScanSeries, the inspection technician is able to fully document their notes and findings across all items on the checklist. After the inspection is complete, the customer has instant, secure access to an online version of the final report.

The software also allows us to suggest and verify approval of necessary repair work identified during the inspection. Information about NFPA standards is included in reports to ensure you are educated on what is needed for your facility to be considered up to code.

If you hire an inspector armed with ScanSeries, you get the following benefits and more:

  • Instant access to reports
  • 100% secure access online
  • User-friendly reports that are easy for all stakeholders to understand
  • Streamlined, well-documented response to problems, if needed
  • Automated reminders on upcoming inspections or servicing requirements

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Types of Inspection Reports

Four key features are included within ScanSeries software:

  • ExtinguisherScan
  • FireScan
  • FireScan
  • Suppression Scan

ExtinguisherScan: Get a comprehensive report on all fire extinguishers your facility relies on for protection. ExtinguisherScan automatically sends reminders when it’s time for a new inspection or when it’s time for any in-progress repair work on extinguishers to be completed.

FireScan: Thanks to the FireScan feature, you’ll get a record of the inspector’s notes and findings. You and your team will have instant access to the full report online.

SprinklerScan: Get a report specific to your fire sprinkler system or other water-based fire equipment. SprinklerScan’s advanced capabilities include graphical tracking of pump flow measurements.

SuppressionScan: The best solution for tracking the results of fire suppression equipment inspections. Your report will help you track important data and findings related to the most critical devices in your fire system.

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